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Dear Yuletide Author

I went looking for something in my Beatles tag on here (the ticket to ride video if you're interested) and it hit me just how long I have been on here. There might only been 188 entries in those four years and five months but taking acount of the communities, friends and  - let's be honest - a lot of lurking that is quite a large part of my life. I kind of miss it to be honest, tumblr just isn't the same for me.

I actually meant to post and entry about a fortnight ago when I bought my new computer, because maybe it's silly but I've had my old one almost as long as I've been on here  - if not as long - and it was my first own computer and it saw me through my time at uni and he might not have been the world's most expensive and best computer but he was a real trooper and I'll miss him.

That is not to say I don't like my new laptop though, which got the name Telperion quite by accident. It's slightly bigger than my old one and the key boards aren't exactly the same so for the first week or so I misspelt everything and while transfering documents, photos and music isn't hard I have not yet figured out a good way - i.e a not hugely time consuming way - to move/copy all those links I want to save over to the new one.


I just saw that Colton Haynes is playing Roy Harper on Arrow and my first reaction is DNW. Haynes, I mean, I don't mind Roy. I do wonder whether they will go with Arsenal or Red Arrow for him though, since they already gave the Speedy alias to Olivers little sister. (In the comics, Roy is the first Speedy, Green Arrow's sidekick, and also O. Queen's ward. Basically, he's Robin.)

I also went looking in my supernatural tag - and you shouldn't L, because there be spoilers - but the first entry where I'm talking about it I also talk about Naruto, for crying out loud. That's how long it's been. More importantly though, it reminded me (or I guess I reminded myself :P) of the Supernatural anime, which I haven't seen yet. Something to do during the hellatus later, perhaps?

And since I just can't help myself telling people what I think is interesting trivia and loves when you can tie everything together, I simply must tell you (and I'm sure there is A LOT of you reading this) that Jensen Ackles actually voiced Jason Todd (the second Robin) in the animated movie Under The Red Hood a couple of years ago.


I've mostly been in a half comatose state all day, last week I started work at seven, seven thirty, seven and seven. Yesterday I might not have started until nine but I topped it all off with being alone with the kids from 13:30 ( I got off work at five). And of course I couldn't sleep one of those nights when I need to get up at five either.

So I'm just gonna blame all the possible grammatical and spelling errors up in here on that... ;)

Sep. 25th, 2012

Gosh am I tired.

day 19 - a song from your favorite album

You can't go wrong with Born In The U.S.A (unless you're Ronald Reagan of course) and I really like this video:

E Street Band, why so flawless. Little Steven, why so crazy eyes.

My computer that is. Don't ask me how, it was stone cold dead for two weeks.

So several months ago - like in almost a year ago- L did this daily music meme and I thought it looked fun but I didn't have the time then so I thought that I'd do it when I got time and had access to Internet for more than two days in a row. Like now :)

day 01 - your favorite song

This is really hard, since I don't have a favourite song as much as I have favourite songS. This is absolutely one of my all-time favourites though:

All the daysCollapse )

Btw, when I made dinner earlier I was listening to Johnny Cash and the last song I heard before I turned it off was Folsom Prison Blues. The Supernatural episode I watched while eating? Folsom Prison Blues! Well, I thought it was a funny coincidence :P


*Blows the dust off this thing*

A couple of weeks ago my Mum basically summed up my summer after graduation by handing me a journal with the words: "Here's something for you, there's a crossword about superheroes on page 70 and one about football on page 80."

Though by now, since the Euros are done (NO I DO NOT WHISH TO TALK ABOUT IT UGH) I would change "football" to "The British Army* during the late 18th, early 19th century. I'm currently, together with angie_white, reading Master and Commander and we are also working our way through her Sharpe collection together with a third friend and just this past weekend we had a Hornblower-marathon with yet another friend. This also begs the question:


I'm supposed to be studying right now (I have graduated, but I'm talking a summer course about children's and youth literature) so naturally I'm amusing myself with The Super Dictionary; in which Robin just want to be loved by Batman, Lois Lane wears a box on her head and we learn that Superman once swam away in a river of his own tears as a baby. It's from the seventies and while a lot of it is hilarious, other things are just weird and I have absolutely no idea how it's suppose to help children learn new words. My favourite ones are on the tumblr's background: Superman either fighting a giant teaspoon or (it's unclear) going rouge with a giant teaspoon and Lex Luthor stealing forty cakes.

And speaking of Batman, The Dark Knight Rises is out soon! I'm getting properly excited, and I have all these theories and about the ending and Bane and Joseph Gordon-Levitt's character and no-one to talk to about them since I don't want to spoil anyone...

I have also, after talking with evelynegrey on Midsummer's eve, started re-watching all my favourite episodes of Supernatural. Isn't it nice when you can go back to something, be it a television series or a band or whatever, and remember just how much you used to love it in the first place and why you still do?

* Or just England at that time since I have also watched an adaption of Emma this week and just got a dvd with Northanger Abbey yesterday...
**The answer is DUTY. It's always DUTY
This was supposed to be a totally different entry, I hade even start writing it BUT I just got an email from the person who is in charge of my bachelor thesis - and thus my fate - and I passed, it's approved or however you say it in English. The important thing is:



I have completely forgot what I was going to write here, but I want to say thank you to all of you who answered my survey and/or linked others to it, I honestly couldn't have done this with out you ;)

I seriously have ALL the feelings right now and I've been on the verge of tears several times. It's just so weird to think that it is over. It's going to take a while to fully sink in I think.

One nice thing about this (apart from the obvious ones) is that my nerves for the England - Sweden game (that I was planning to write about) has disappeared lol.

Win, lose or draw - this is a great day.

Heja Sverige!

Mar. 14th, 2012

Seriously, British and French Navy, name another ship Temeraire, I dare you.

Every time I read "Ship of the Line" I think of a moving assembly line which I just don't think is quite right for ships built 17th-19th century.

So now I've spent about an hour reading about that and the Temeraire ships on wikipedia.

And what first-, second, third and fourth rate ships means too.

And now I feel a bit dizzy.


There is a line in Black Powder War that goes something along the lines of "Laurence could follow their progress by the moon and the stars"  and I just thought to myself, HOW COOL ISN'T THAT? I love to have skills like that, or look up at the sun and go "oh it's 15:38". As it is now I wouldn't be much help in an adventure at all.

Sometimes when I'm out late at night, often when taking the dog out for her finally walk of the day, I have a habit of looking up at the night sky and search out Orion's Belt and The Big Dipper/Plough/Saptarishi (Karlavagnen) because those are the only two I know. (I know how the little dipper and Cassiopeja look as well but I can never find them). I really wish I knew more, and more about the different kinds of flowers and trees and even birds. I suppose I can add it to my list of "Things I Want To Learn After I Graduated", a list that so far includes "brushing up on my French" and "Learning to play the harmonica" (and thus finally justify me owning one for about fifteen years or more).
I feel a bit silly talking about spoilers for something first published around mid-1800* and that have countless adaptions in various forms and genres, but there AREN'T any major spoilers about the plot in this entry. I do, however, still talk about the film and little details that amused and bemused me so proceed with caution.

*Not that this film has a lot in common with that book so I suppose a spoiler warning actually is valid. (But I still don't talk a lot about the plot)

If I'm honest I can't quite remember how old I was when I first read The Three Musketeers but I suppose it's about ten years ago. Even though it's been a while since I last read it, it remains, and will remain, one of my favourite books.  I have been waiting for this film for ages it seems, I finally saw it last friday.

It was silly and epic and a bit wonderful and just WTF.

Tous pour un, un pour tous!Collapse )

All right, that's that. Bring on The Hobbit!

Edit: "I dreamed romantic facts of musketeers (duskyblyskies) wrote" xD

Dear self, why do you have a film-tag and a movies-tag? Bad organisation self!
A/N: I wrote these two drabbles earlier this summer in hope that it would kickstart my creativity. It didn't. I first planned for them to be exactly 100 words long but since I wrote them by hand "100 words" changed to "a page in my notebook". Just two silly little things really.

Beta read by angie_white Thanks again! <3

In my very first entry, way back in August 2008, I wrote that this would be a journal for fanfiction. This is my 150th (woo \0/) LiveJournal post and the "fanfic" tag has been used 13 times...

Title: (It Is True That You Have Missed) Everything Of Importance
Rating: PG
Fandom: The Big Bang Theory and, well, I had Sherlock in mind when I wrote it but if you prefer the Granada TV series or the book versions, go for it!
Genre: It can be read as gen or slash
Word Count: 226
Title from the short story A Case Of Identity by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

Read more...Collapse )

Title: I’m On The Edge Of Glory (And I’m Hanging On A Moment With You)
Rating: PG
Fandom: Your favourite version of the Arthurian legend.
Genre: Could be read as Merlin/Arthur or gen.
Summary: The King is dead. Long live the King.
Word Count: 272
Title from the Lady Gaga(!!) song The Edge Of Glory.

Read more...Collapse )
Today has been a "meh bah ugh :'("-day. Happy football players is a good way to cheer up. So:

Would you look at that synchronisation. I'm way too amused by it and just &hearts (or whatever the proper html-code for that is nowadays)

(Btw, I finished Sirens so now I have nothing to watch again. At least Merlin comes back in october but Sherlock isn't back until next year...What am I supposed to do whilst eating lunch now?! Do you even think about poor Swedish people's lunch entertainment British TV series people?!)


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