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Drabbles - Sherlock/The Big Bang Theory & Merlin

A/N: I wrote these two drabbles earlier this summer in hope that it would kickstart my creativity. It didn't. I first planned for them to be exactly 100 words long but since I wrote them by hand "100 words" changed to "a page in my notebook". Just two silly little things really.

Beta read by angie_white Thanks again! <3

In my very first entry, way back in August 2008, I wrote that this would be a journal for fanfiction. This is my 150th (woo \0/) LiveJournal post and the "fanfic" tag has been used 13 times...

Title: (It Is True That You Have Missed) Everything Of Importance
Rating: PG
Fandom: The Big Bang Theory and, well, I had Sherlock in mind when I wrote it but if you prefer the Granada TV series or the book versions, go for it!
Genre: It can be read as gen or slash
Word Count: 226
Title from the short story A Case Of Identity by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

He stared at his tea, at the whirlpool he made in the lightbrown – milk no sugar please –Liquid when he stirred. He could hear raised voices from the next room - “What kind of person prides himself with his brain and knowledge and yet doesn’t have a basic understanding of’ how the solar system works?!” “What kind of person fills his brain with all kinds of useless information so he has no room for that which matters?!” “I’ll have you know that knowing how the solar system works is hardly useless and -”

They had quite bonded over their views of literature though.

Leonard looked up and found his companion looking at him. John made a vague gesture towards the other room and gave him a small smile. John was nice, Leonard thought. Nice and smart and kind of witty and most of all he understood the frustration and even though it wasn’t long since they met Leonard knew that he would never ask “why don’t you just move out?”. He smiled back at John, leaned slightly forward and said: “One time, Sheldon did an experiment where he ground up moths and put them in my food.” John nodded and took a sip of his tea before he answered: “That’s nothing. One time, Sherlock did an experiment that involved keeping a human head in our fridge.”

Title: I’m On The Edge Of Glory (And I’m Hanging On A Moment With You)
Rating: PG
Fandom: Your favourite version of the Arthurian legend.
Genre: Could be read as Merlin/Arthur or gen.
Summary: The King is dead. Long live the King.
Word Count: 272
Title from the Lady Gaga(!!) song The Edge Of Glory.

In the taverns and the streets people rejoiced. The shook each other’s hands and raised their glasses. “The King is dead” they cried “Long live the King! To King Arthur!”

Merlin rejoiced too because the man who had condemned so many like Merlin to death was himself no longer amongst the living. And thus, Merlin was happy. He only wished he could take some of Gauis pain. Dear Gauis whose expression and hunched shoulders spoke of the sorrow of losing a dear friend. And some of Arthur’s pain too. Arthur who didn’t mourn nor celebrate the death of a king like the rest of the kingdom but who mourned the death of a father.

“The people are celebrating” Arthur said to Merlin one evening and Merlin said nothing because he could not – would not – deny it. They were in Arthur’s chambers, the soon to-be Arthur’s old chambers. The prince’s chambers and Arthur was beginning to be slightly worse for drink. “My father – their king – is dead and they are celebrating”
“Maybe they aren’t celebrating their old king’s passing as much as their new king’s ascension to the throne”
Arthur snorted and rubbed tiredly at his eyes. “Maybe they should wait to celebrate until they have seen what kind of king I will be. Perhaps I will be a terrible king and lead us all to ruin and destruction.”
Merlin filled Arthur’s goblet again and passed it to him. As Arthur took it from him he gave his wrist a soft squeeze and said lightly: “Of course you won’t be. Only the worst kind of manservant would allow something like that to happen.”
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