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This is a Three Musketeers post. Oh yes it is.

I feel a bit silly talking about spoilers for something first published around mid-1800* and that have countless adaptions in various forms and genres, but there AREN'T any major spoilers about the plot in this entry. I do, however, still talk about the film and little details that amused and bemused me so proceed with caution.

*Not that this film has a lot in common with that book so I suppose a spoiler warning actually is valid. (But I still don't talk a lot about the plot)

If I'm honest I can't quite remember how old I was when I first read The Three Musketeers but I suppose it's about ten years ago. Even though it's been a while since I last read it, it remains, and will remain, one of my favourite books.  I have been waiting for this film for ages it seems, I finally saw it last friday.

It was silly and epic and a bit wonderful and just WTF.

In other words, I liked it and I think that a big part of the reason I did was that I told myself months ago not to expect it be like the book and just (hopefully any way) enjoy it like a Steampunk AU. I also decided against re-reading the book beforehand, that probably helped a bit too.

One thing I missed though was, well,  the three musketeers, because their interaction is probably my favourite thing about/in all the adaptions. On the other hand, in this I got THE THREE MUSKETEERS AS ROOMMATES.  Please let there be domestic!fic. I NEED IT IN MY LIFE.

They wasn't living alone though, they still had Planchet! Though not the other three. Maybe the film-makers felt that one servant each didn't fit well with the "We're kind of poor"-theme. He was played as James Corden whom I recognised but couldn't place and instead sat there wondering how and from where I knew him and then went: "THAT'S THE GUY WHO PLAYED GOLF WITH STEVIE!! :D" Though not out loud of course :P

I like that they had someone so young play D'Artagnan (though they did compensate that by aging up the others lol -_-) but why did he have to look so smug all the time? At one point, during a Very Serious Moment he just looked this mildly amused and bemused like he was drunk or high or something. Basically, I have a problem with Logan Lerman's face.

Speaking of Lerman, I have recently gotten myself a tumblr and one of my tracked tags is of course "the three musketeers", which, kind of annoyingly, is full of young entuastic female fans of Logan Lerman. However, it was pretty fun when someone gif'd his first fight with Rochefort and they were all "OMG FUU SPOILERS!!1!" and "HE. BETTER NOT DIE!!1!"  I mean seriously. /elitist mode

Other Nice or Not So Nice Things:

Orlando Bloom's Bad Guy-voice TM.

The costumes.

Aramis reading glasses.

D'Artagnan's American accent vs the three musketeers' British ones

Buckingham's shoes.

It was very The Good Guys vs The Bad Guys and The Good Guys were good and The Bad Guys were bad.

Luke Evans, you're really pretty.

The Hi We Are Just Sitting Around Our Kitchen Table In Our Shirtsleeves shots.

And finally, a sentence about the ending (highlight to read): The ending quite opened up for a sequel, I somehow doubt that it will have much to do with Twenty Years After but I wouldn't be adverse to seeing these musketeers again to be honest.

This was my first time watching a film in 3D and the effects were kind of cool I guess. However, since I got nothing to compare it with I don't really know what else to say about that. Before the film started I was a bit worried I'd feel nauseated, get a headache etc that would ruin the film for me - but I didn't - and wondering why it was only released in 3D over here.

All right, that's that. Bring on The Hobbit!

Edit: "I dreamed romantic facts of musketeers (duskyblyskies) wrote" xD

Dear self, why do you have a film-tag and a movies-tag? Bad organisation self!
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