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Tearing up the highway like a big old dinosaur

I went looking for something in my Beatles tag on here (the ticket to ride video if you're interested) and it hit me just how long I have been on here. There might only been 188 entries in those four years and five months but taking acount of the communities, friends and  - let's be honest - a lot of lurking that is quite a large part of my life. I kind of miss it to be honest, tumblr just isn't the same for me.

I actually meant to post and entry about a fortnight ago when I bought my new computer, because maybe it's silly but I've had my old one almost as long as I've been on here  - if not as long - and it was my first own computer and it saw me through my time at uni and he might not have been the world's most expensive and best computer but he was a real trooper and I'll miss him.

That is not to say I don't like my new laptop though, which got the name Telperion quite by accident. It's slightly bigger than my old one and the key boards aren't exactly the same so for the first week or so I misspelt everything and while transfering documents, photos and music isn't hard I have not yet figured out a good way - i.e a not hugely time consuming way - to move/copy all those links I want to save over to the new one.


I just saw that Colton Haynes is playing Roy Harper on Arrow and my first reaction is DNW. Haynes, I mean, I don't mind Roy. I do wonder whether they will go with Arsenal or Red Arrow for him though, since they already gave the Speedy alias to Olivers little sister. (In the comics, Roy is the first Speedy, Green Arrow's sidekick, and also O. Queen's ward. Basically, he's Robin.)

I also went looking in my supernatural tag - and you shouldn't L, because there be spoilers - but the first entry where I'm talking about it I also talk about Naruto, for crying out loud. That's how long it's been. More importantly though, it reminded me (or I guess I reminded myself :P) of the Supernatural anime, which I haven't seen yet. Something to do during the hellatus later, perhaps?

And since I just can't help myself telling people what I think is interesting trivia and loves when you can tie everything together, I simply must tell you (and I'm sure there is A LOT of you reading this) that Jensen Ackles actually voiced Jason Todd (the second Robin) in the animated movie Under The Red Hood a couple of years ago.


I've mostly been in a half comatose state all day, last week I started work at seven, seven thirty, seven and seven. Yesterday I might not have started until nine but I topped it all off with being alone with the kids from 13:30 ( I got off work at five). And of course I couldn't sleep one of those nights when I need to get up at five either.

So I'm just gonna blame all the possible grammatical and spelling errors up in here on that... ;)
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