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Dear Yuletide Author

Hi! :D

Feel free to look around both here and on my tumblr if you like, though I should warn you that all fics written the last 18 months or so are sitting unfinished –or worse simply unedited – on my hard drive, so the ones posted here are quite old (Which is also part of the reason I said yes when a friend suggested we do yuletide this year, I am much better with a due date.)

This is my first time participating, so I do hope my requests/prompts are, well, adequate. And if they aren’t, or if you already have an idea that you’re itching to write – go for it! Everything that follows are of course completely optional.

Some things I don’t enjoy in fanfics: Major character death, non-con (dub-con is mostly fine), animal cruelty, character-bashing and humiliation.

What I do enjoy though are happy endings, banter, humour, crossovers, and pretty much anything that I didn’t state earlier.

When it comes to sex, feel free to make it as explicit or not as you like.

The fandoms:


We all know Laurence used to be in the Navy. We also know that he had friends in the navy. I would completely love a story where he (and the rest of the formation) meets them and have to work together with them against the enemy*. Laurence’s reactions, his old friends reactions, his new friends reactions, I’m curious about all of it. I also like stories that are about Laurence, but not in his or Temeraires point of view.

I LOVE backstory, and Laurence in the navy + Laurence meeting his old friends have long fascinated me. Even better would be if the Navy officers aren't complete jerks, a least not all of them/all the time. If there were old stories about Laurence from the navy I’d combust with joy. In fact, Laurence’s time in the navy could be a whole separate fic idea.

I can get onboard almost any ship In Temeraire-verse, het and slash, except for Laurence/Emily Roland. Or Laurence/any of his other cadets/young midwingmen, really.

*Edited to add: I know that not all Temeraire fans are as fond as sailors and navy officers as me; if you're are not please do not feel bad! I love Temeraire so much, and will be happy with whatever you write. I know that everything optional is, well, optional, but I started thinking about the specific nature of this promt and then I started to worry that I would worry you, so..

The Chronicles of Chrestomanci

I have always loved the fact that Christopher is completely aware of the fact that Millie is amazing, and badass, and someone you should always have on your side. And Christopher isn’t bad himself either. I’d love a fic where they off on an adventure together, kicking ass and taking names, saving all the related worlds in the process.

This request is quite vague and it’s because I’d happy with pretty much anything in that vein, like:

I am certain that before Christopher became Chrestomanci, he and Millie had all sorts of adventures in the related worlds; being spies, catching bad guys, uncovering hidden schemes, having sex, and throwing everybody else off with their sarcasm.


I am also quite certain that it didn’t stop when they got older, though perhaps it all played out a bit differently, and I’d like to think that while the children was busy doing this and investigating that, Christopher and Millie had their own quiet, amazing adventures like the nine-life enchanter and former goddess they are.

Millie/Christpher is one of my OTPs, so any idea that you might have – run with it. I’m sure to love it.


Sybil Ramkin is one of my all-time favourite characters and pretty much any story with her as the central character would make me very happy. It could be a story from her life before we got met her in Guards! Guards!, (or scenes, “five times and one time it/she didn’t” style), her side of the story of meeting Vimes, the reason why she calls Vetinari by his given name, or her and Young Sam on some adventure while Vimes is off Vimes-ing, perhaps solving a puzzle or two in the process.

As I said in the original request, pretty much anything with Sybil Ramkin as the central character is going to make me a very happy recipient. If I could ask one thing though, that would be that the Sybil/Sam pairing is not broken up, because they are perfect together and they make me happy.


Being a close to Horatio Hornblower can be absolutely fantastic. It is also pretty darn frustrating. Luckily for Lady Barbara and William Bush, they have each other. I’d love a fic where they become fast friends, starting with Hornblower (who could be as bemused or oblivious as you want) and trickling over into other aspects in their life.

Whether you make it angsty – because Horatio Hornblower is part of this after all – or pretty much crack;
'Hello and welcome to Close Relations of Horatio Hornblower Anonymous', is totally fine by me.

I would be completely on board – no pun intended – with Gen or Hornblower/Lady Barbara, Hornblower/Bush or Hornblower/Lady Barbara/Bush as a fill for this.

I just love Bush, and Barbara is pretty awesome, and Horatio is such a frustrating sweetheart and if you take three good things and put them together something great must surely happen.

Oh, and I know this is listed as the book fandom, but feel free to mix it with the tv series or even the movie, if you should like.


As I said earlier, this is my first time participating in yuletide and I can’t wait to read your story, whether you use something from my promts or write something else entirely.

Have fun writing!
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